audio-visual artist


Hey There!


       Rhys here and Before I ramble on about myself, I want to first acknowledge and thank the incredible artist behind this epic website!

Anya is incredibly creative and well thought out. The trust and courage it took to take myself off the creative seat would not have been comfortable without my trust and admiration for her work and artistry. Highly highly highly recommended! She captured my vision and maximized our creative direction to another dimension, literally! What makes her unique is that her collaboration and encouragement helped give me the confidence to solidify the final vision and truly take ownership of the experience and the output. She is Truly worthwhile. Go visit her now @anyasiberia

I also want to thank my "love tribe" for being there with me through it all and contributing to my process. Without you all, I would not be here. You 4 have a special place in my heart.


oftentimes, I find myself most genuinely expressed live through music, dance, and storytelling.